Coaching for Writers and Aspiring Authors

TolulopeWelcome! My name is Tolulope Popoola, I’m a Writing Coach and Publishing Consultant here @ Accomplish Press.  I help aspiring authors like you to overcome obstacles, clear self-doubt and reconnect with your creative side, so that you can finally write and publish the book you want.

If you need guidance, support and advice with writing and publishing your book, I can help you. I offer a variety of coaching programmes for authors, whether you want to write fiction or non-fiction. Please click on the links below to find out more about each programme.

If you’re looking for something else, or you would like to discuss a different coaching arrangement that would work for you, please get in touch. Click here to schedule a complimentary 15-minute discovery call with me.

12 Weeks to Your First Draft (Online Coaching Programme)

This is a 12-week coaching programme for aspiring novelists. During this programme, you’ll learn the in-depth steps to write your novel, you’ll be given the support and accountability you need so that you can successfully complete your first draft in just 12 weeks.

Aspiring to Actual Author (Coaching for Non-Fiction Writers)

Aspiring to Actual Author

This is an 8-week coaching programme for writers who want to write non-fiction, business-related books, personal memoirs, religious texts, motivational books and other forms of writing. We will work together to set your writing goals and achieve them. The coaching period time can be extended to 12 weeks.


Idea to Published Book (6-Months Intensive Coaching)

6-Month Coaching for Writers

Idea to Published Book is an intensive 6-month coaching programme for writers who want to fast track their writing and publishing project. You’ll get the support and accountability to write and publish your book. If you’re ready to take action, write your book and learn how to publish it in six months, this programme is for you.

Who am I?

 I’m a reader and writer just like you! I’ve been writing since I can remember, from when I was a little girl, about six years old. But I got teased in school by my friends who thought I was weird, so I stopped. However, I never lost my love for reading and I read anything I could get my hands on. I also continued to write in secret. I kept diaries and journals throughout my teen years, and writing was my therapy whenever I was upset.

Much later, I left school, went off to university and went down the path of Accounting and Finance in my career. Tolulope Popoola at her deskOne day in the middle of studying for professional accounting exams, I realised I was miserable! I started thinking about my long-term career path and I soon realised that I was not making use of my creative skills and doing the things I was passionate about. In 2006, I discovered blogging and my creativity and interest in writing was rekindled! From then on, I started writing short stories and flash fiction, and learning everything I could about the writing and publishing industry. I took a writing class, I bought lots of books on writing, subscribed to many writer’s groups and started attending literary events. I made a lot of mistakes and learned from them, until finally, in 2008 I quit my job as an accountant to become a full-time writer.

In 2009, I wrote my first novel (which was never published). In 2011, I finished working on my other novel titled Nothing Comes Close which was a spin-off from the series. I tried to get it published traditionally, but I faced rejection from mainstream publishers. Not because my work was bad, but because they thought it was “ethnic fiction” and therefore wasn’t commercially viable.

So I decided to do things my own way, and I founded Accomplish Press which is my publishing, consulting and coaching company. I published my novel successfully in 2012, and it got good reviews so I’m sure I did something right. In addition, I’ve recently published two collections of flash fiction stories; Fertile Imagination and Looking For Something. My writing has also opened many doors for me that I never imagined, including my stories being turned into short films. I’m now on a mission to help aspiring writers like you to write and publish their own novels too.