ap-logpWho Are We?

Accomplish Press is a new, innovative and dynamic independent publisher. We publish fiction novels and short story and flash fiction collections. Established in 2011, our focus is on contemporary fiction, literary and general fiction novels and children’s books for the Black British and African/Diaspora market.

What Do We Do?

Print Publishing - We aim to publish high quality print novels and short story collections in paperback form, for those who love the weight and feel of a physical book.

Digital Publishing - We aim to distribute our titles through digital platforms with a worldwide reach, and opportunities for readers to access books via e-readers, tablets and mobile phones.

Online Publishing - Publishing via websites, blogs and online magazines where our content can be read on the screen or downloaded as PDF files.

Self-Publishing - We offer consultation and advisory services to writers who wish to take on a more pro-active approach towards getting their work published – from the writing stage, through to getting your work into the hands of readers. We can help, whether you are a first-time author, or you have been published previouslyWe also offer professional and affordable services to help you publish and promote your work. We can help you with all stages of the process, such as Manuscript Formatting,  Cover Design, ISBN Allocation, eBook Publishing, Distribution, and more. See here for details.